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Derek Hamer

Managing Director, DBMS Global Oceans. Hobart, Tasmania

  • Sea lion population status and trends, and foraging ecology
  • Marine mammal depredation and by-catch reduction in industrial and commercial and artisanal fisheries

Graham Robertson

Seabird biologist, Australian Antarctic Division. Hobart, Tasmania

  • Population status and trends of albatross
  • Seabird by-catch reduction in pelagic longline fisheries

Simon Childerhouse

Senior marine scientist, Blue Planet Marine. Nelson, New Zealand

  • Cetacean and pinniped foraging ecology and conservation
  • IWC representation

Mary-Anne Lea

Lecturer and academic supervisor, Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies. Hobart, Tasmania

  • Marine mammal foraging and population
  • Trophodynamics of marine ecosystems

Carla Litchfield

Lecturer and academic supervisor, University of South Australia. Adelaide, South Australia

  • Impacts of humans on animal psychology and behaviour
  • Enrichment for captive and zoo animals

Cara Miller

Lecturer and academic supervisor, University of the South Pacific. Suva, Fiji

  • Cetacean ecology and conservation
  • Inclusion of indigenous peoples in management

Luke Einoder

Terrestrial Ecologist, Department of Land Resource Management. Darwin, Northern Territory

  • Population and conservation ecologist
  • Spatial and population modeller

Alastair Baylis

Associate research fellow, Deakin University. Warrnambool, Victoria 

  • Pinniped foraging ecology and conservation
  • Response of marine predators to environmental variability

Megan Peterson

University of Alaska. Fairbanks, Alaska)

  • Economic impacts of toothed whale depredation in fisheries
  • Ecosystem based fishery management

Fishing industry 

Charles Hufflett

Managing Director, Solander Fisheries. Nelson, New Zealand

  • Advocate of sustainable fishing practices

Dan Falvey

Alaskan Longline Fishermen’s Association. Sitka, Alaska

  • Fisherman and fishing gear innovator

Martin Exel

General Manager Environment and Policy, Austral Fisheries. Hobart, Tasmania 

  • Resource and environmental sustainability

Steve Hall

President, Hawaiian Longliners Association. Honolulu, Hawaii  

  • Licence holder, and research and sustainability advocate


Manufacturing industry 

Peter Canfield

Manager: product development and manufacture, 3D Systems. Melbourne, Victoria

  • Plastics technology, manufacture and 3D SLS and SLA prototyping

Pete Kibel

Fishing gear technologist, Fishtek Marine. Devon, United Kingdom

  • Fishing gear technologist and hydro energy