Department of Conservation, New Zealand Government

(Auckland Islands, Southern Ocean)

Monitoring long-term size and trends in three key populations of New Zealand sea lions in the Auckland Islands, plus development of an adaptive and active ground management plan for the breeding season to minimise pup mortality. In collaboration with Simon Childerhouse at Blue Planet Marine (BPM).

Department of the Environment, Australian Government.

(Southern Australia)

Detail embargoed (report confidential)

French National Research Agency (ANR)

(Kerguelen Plateau, Southern Ocean)

Evaluation, review and oversight of research projects relating to: characterising interactions between demersal longline fishing activities and killer whales, to inform best practice management strategies.

SCS Global Services

(Mexico, west and east EEZ)

Review of MSC assessment of the domestic Mexican fishing fleet in seeking access to foreign markets.

Alaskan Longline Fishermen’s Association

(Aleutian Islands and Western Gulf of Alaska) 

Assessing collaboratively developed gear modifications to mitigate depredation by killer and sperm whales from demersal longline fishing gear.

US National Marine Fisheries Service 

(US west and east coasts)

Providing advice on establishing, regulating and monitoring acceptable methods for mitigating interactions of marine mammals with human activities and property in coastal regions and around population centres.


(Hawaii, Pacific Ocean)

Expert direction and advice to the Hawaiian Longliners Association (HLA) and the US National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) on development and assessment of devices to mitigate false killer whale depredation and by-catch in the US/Hawaiian EEZ.

“False killer whale in Hawaiian waters, © Doug Perrine”